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Back To The Future / Doc's Stopwatches

Item Code: #10430

Status: Part of our Private Collection.

This is one of two sets of stop watches that were created by the production for use in the Twin Pines Mall parking lot scene. Both sets are screen used and obtained from the property master - one pair was worn around Doc and Einstein's necks; the other pair was used for close ups. This is the working close up pair. They were custom made by completely gutting the internals of two LCD stop watches. Mounted inside were electronics and large red LED numbers. Both stop watches have wires coming out the back that connect to a control box. The wires were hidden on screen, and the control box was operated by someone off screen. The control box allows setting the time on each stop watch, along with blinking the colon on both watches in synchronization. Additional controls allow changing the time on both at the exact same time, as seen on screen.