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Back To The Future 2 / Hoverboard - Pit Bull (Thomas F. Wilson)

Item Code: #10608

Status: Part of our Private Collection.

Probably the most recognized props from Back to the Future 2 are the hoverboards. There are five styles of hoverboards seen on screen during the filming - Mattel, Pit Bull, Rising Sun, No Tech, and Question Mark.

There were several of each hoverboard created from either wood or styrofoam, depending on if the actors were carrying it, flying, or doing a stunt. This hoverboard was used by Tom Wilson as "Griff Tannen". The hoverboard is made of wood and one of a kind, as it was used for the effects shot of the thrusters moving from side to side individually by remote control. There are small servos molded into the bottom of the thrusters in order to move. Also just like a remote control car, there is an on/off switch on the bottom of the hoverboard.

One of the thrusters on this board was broken after production completed and has been carefully exchanged with a newly created thruster copied from the other side. The broken thruster is kept with the hoverboard. In addition, the entire board and broken thruster match the Pit Bull pictured in the Hollywood SFX Museum Book from the Japanese tour in 1990.