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Hollywood Sign / 10 Foot Section

Item Code: #15293

Status: SOLD

Of all the screen used movie props that exist, the historic Hollywood sign in the hills has been in more movies that any other. It is shown on the front cover of many DVDs, shown in the background in many movie scenes, and even a key prop in others. This is a rare unaltered 10 foot by 2.5 foot section that was removed in 1978 when the sign was rebuilt.

Hank Berger purchased the original Hollywood sign directly from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce after its demolition in 1978, and it remained in storage for over 25 years. Producer Dan Bliss acquired the Hollywood sign from Berger and sold a few unaltered large sections, and 50 sections (approximately 1 foot square) to ScreenUsed. He later sold several sections to artist Bill Mack.


  • In 1923, the sign was built as a huge advertisement for the Hollywoodland real estate development. At the time, it cost $21,000 and included 50-foot high letters covered by 4,000 light bulbs.
  • In 1932, a struggling 24-year-old actress, Peg Entwistle, climbed to the top of the letter H, and jumped to her death. Starting in the 1940s, the sign began to deteriorate and was turned over to the City of Los Angeles.
  • In 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce entered into a contract with the city's parks department to repair and rebuild the sign and remove the "land" so that it would spell "Hollywood."
  • In 1973, actress Gloria Swanson sponsored another complete makeover of the sign, and the 50-year-old sign was declared a historical landmark by the city's Cultural Heritage Board.
  • In 1978, termites had infested the wood and an 'O' had tumbled down the hill. The city decided the sign must be completely rebuilt at a cost of $250,000. Hugh Hefner held a Playboy Mansion bash to raise funds for the project where celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Andy Williams, Gene Autry, and others sponsored individual letters at $27,700 a piece. In November 1978, the new sign was unveiled.

This 10 foot by 2.5 foot section is one of only a few complete sections that were not cut into smaller pieces. This specific piece is from the upper right side of the letter 'H' shown circled in one of the pictures. It was located immediately above the section with blue "CKIE" letters and black "I ON" letters. The "VI" graffiti in blue spray paint on this section matches the "CKIE" on the other section to spell "VICKIE". This "I ON" at the bottom of the other section can be seen in the construction photo by matching the "I ON" from the words "I ONLY HAVE EYES" above the construction workers as they dismantled the letter "H".