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Spider-Man 3 / Spiderman's Boots (Tobey Maguire)

Item Code: #18381
Lot: 3

Status: Auction Unsold

Available for $4,000.00 ($4,800.00 w/BP) plus shipping, and taxes
This item was unsold in a recent auction and is available for a short period of time at the opening bid plus buyers premium. At some time in the near term, the item may not be available any more, then the price will be evaluated and may be listed higher or returned to the consignor.

These pair of boots were custom-made by the production for use by Tobey Maguire as "Spiderman" and can be seen throughout the film as part of Spiderman's black costume. The outside covering is made from a stretchy material with a shoe inside. The rubber "webbing" design that covers the boot has torn in some areas from use on the set. This boots were custom designed for Tobey Maguire and are one of the most recognizable pieces of footwear in the world.