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Star Trek / Keith Birdsong "Voyages of the Starship Enterprise" Painting

Item Code: #23913
Lot: 4

Status: SOLD

This "Voyages of the Starship Enterprise" painting was designed to be for four separate square plates that would fit together to form this one image. In 1998, Hamilton Collection released "Star Trek: Voyages of the Starship Enterprise", which was a set of four square plates with one continuing image. This piece is possibly unreleased and features the Original Trek Enterprise NCC 1701 versus a Klingon Battleship, the NCC 1701 (retrofit from Wrath of Khan) versus the Reliant, the NCC 1701-D versus a Borg cube, and the Enterprise NCC 1701-D Alternate-timeline ("All Good Things..." version) versus a Cardassian Battleship. The 26" x 26" image is signed and dated in the lower middle of the image area. Created in acrylic and color pencils, this impressive piece remains in Excellent condition.