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Home Improvement (TV) / Binford Props

Item Code: #5692
Lot: 33

Status: SOLD

This five item set was acquired by the production for use in the season seven episode titled "Clash of the Taylors" as set dressing in Mr. Harper's "President of Binford Tools" office. Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is a reporter for his high school newspaper and discovers that Binford Tools is one of the top 10 biggest polluters. Tim (Tim Allen) takes him to Bud Harper's office for an interview. There are two navy blue empty binders with "Binford" printed on the spine as well as a clear plastic sleeve with scrap pieces of paper inserted with miscellaneous numbers printed on them. The two paper folders are navy blue with a clear plastic cover. Inside are accounting reports for "Binford Tools" "The Walt Disney Company" "Home Improvement". The first binder contains 19 pages of phone records dated "Oct 16-Nov 19, 1996". The second binder contains 12 pages of phone records also dated "Oct 16-Nov 19, 1996". The Binford Tools poster has been foamcored and framed by Hollywood Cinema Arts. It has "Binford" across the top and pictures of various size screwdrivers and wrenches. There is a hanging loop on the back attached with a piece of masking tape. The frame is slightly bent and there is a shiny substance on sections of the print.

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