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Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) / Weapons Call Out Pages

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Picking up decades after Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek, The Next Generation follows the intergalactic adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D. This phenomenally successful follow-up series ran from 1987 to 1994 and created a new generation of Star Trek fans.

Category: Concept Art

Artist: Rick Sternbach

Year: 1987-1994

Medium: Copied art with marker details

Dimensions: 17" x 11" (2 pages)

These are two weapons call out pages for the new Klingon Cruiser. The art was originally drawn by Rick Sternbach, however these are copies of that art, with hand drawn additions indicating where different types of weapons are emitted from.  This is typical of the communication between the Art Department and the Visual Effects Department.  The Visual Effects Supervisor would confer with the artist/designer about how the weapons would work and then present the sketch to the Producers for approval.  Then the VFX Supervisor would design and choreograph a space action sequence and explain to the Effects Animator how the Klingon Cruiser would fire on its opponents using the sketch as a technical reference.   The two pages are stapled together along the left side.

Rick Sternbach did the call outs himself.  They were done in color to make clear what weapons emitted from where.  The physical model was used in a number of episodes of TNG and DS9.