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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV) / Trials and Tribulations Pictures

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DS9 centers on the space station Deep Space 9 (original Cardassian designation Terok Nor), which is under the joint control of the United Federation of Planets and Bajor, a planet recently liberated from a long, brutal Cardassian occupation.

This is framed set of two production pictures were created as a crew gift for the "Trials and Tribulations" episode in which the crew of Deep Space Nine goes back in time to the period when Captain Kirk commanded The Enterprise.  The top photo is a frame from the original series episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles" with original cast members.  The bottom photo shows the revised image with Deep Space Nine characters replacing some of the original cast using digital rotoscoping and compositing to create the illusion that the DS9 cast were really back in the time of Captain Kirk.