Inspector Gadget / Inspector Gadget's Hat (Matthew Broderick)

Item Code: #11440

Status: SOLD

(Walt Disney Pictures, 1999) This hat was custom made for the production for use by Matthew Broderick as "Inspector Gadget". The hat is of the unique Inspector Gadget style made by Baron California Hats and after filming the hat became part of the Disney Archives. On August 20, 2011, Disney placed this hat in a special D23 members only auction, a certificate from the Disney Archives confirms that this hat was used during filming. The was presented by Disney in a display case at the D23 event, that display case is included with the hat. Included with the hat is a special "Inspector Gadget style" jacket that was made by Tommy Hilfiger and given to various members of the film's crew. The jacket is a size large in very good condition.