X-Files, The (TV) / Various Props

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(Fox Network, 1993-2002) A graphic crime scene photo (8" x 10") of a young woman in her bra with chest covered in faux blood and sprawled out in the woods; a second similar photo (8" x 10") of a male victim with his shirt open and a bloody chest lying near a loading dock; and a third photo (8" x 10") showing the open grave of Sherill Scheurich with an empty coffin and the entire area circled in blood. Also, an Immigration Application, a Coroner's File containing twelve pages of medical reports for Karen Winn from "The X-Files" (1993-2002) episode "Milagro" that originally aired on April 18, 1999 (the open grave photo is from the episode "Millennium" that originally aired on November 28, 1999); and an ancient church manuscripts on brown parchment torn into two pieces (the largest 17" x 12") each with burnt edges and distressed to simulate their great age that Agents Mulder and Scully stumble upon in the episode "Hollywood AD" that originally aired on April 30, 2000. Acquired from Fox Television in 2003.