Van Halen / Eddie Van Halen Concert Played Guitar

Item Code: #15292

Status: Part of our Private Collection.

Eddie played this guitar while on their 2007/2008 tour on May 25, 2008, in Providence, Rhode Island. It is number 258 of 300 Charvel Art Series Guitars that were sold between 2004 through 2012. It took 8 years and 3 concert tours to complete the project because each guitar went through the following process:

  • Bare guitar body sent to Eddie in a single base color of black, yellow, red, etc.
  • Eddie would hand stripe each guitar - every one is unique.
  • The guitars would then be sent to the factory to be painted a second color over the stripes.
  • If Eddie wanted a third color, the guitar would be sent back to him again for more hand striping.
  • Then the guitar would go back to the factory for the third color.
  • The guitar would then be assembled to Eddie's specs and a unique serial number plate was installed.
  • The guitar was then scheduled to go on tour with Eddie so that he could play it at a concert.
  • Once the guitar was played, and pictures taken of Eddie playing it on stage, he autographed and dated the guitar.

Each of the guitars were then sold on Ebay over the years. The only way to get them now is second hand from the original collectors. The photographer that took the picture on stage of Eddie playing this one happened to capture the guitar in the background on the big screen also - making it easy to match up the unique stripes.

At the concert in Rhode Island, Eddie played this guitar on the song "I'll Wait". I was only able to find a vary tiny and rough video online, and you can't even tell it's the guitar from the video, except there is a peek at the big screen along the top of the video between 2:35 - 2:50, and the unique striping can be seen.