Back To The Future / Original Andrew Probert Hand Drawn StoryBoards

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A unique one of a kind set of hand drawn storyboards by production artist Andrew Probert. The 113 pages feature the original unfilmed ending of Marty traveling back to the future by using the power of a nuclear test being conducted by the US Army. Each hand drawn page measures 8.5" x 11" and offers a unique look at the film's early vision, including the look of the DeLorean Time Machine and Marty's Radiation Suit. These original drawings were ultimately never used for filming, as the scene was cut from the film, they remain a big part of the film's history and design. The original drawings come with an original inter-office memo on Back to the Future letterhead that refers to the final production meeting before commencement of principal photography. This exact memo was issued to Andrew Probert and has been autographed by Andrew Probert. This is an extremely rare original early production artifact that was kept for 31 years in the private collection of the artist and being brought to auction by ScreenUsed.