Wild Wild West, The (TV) / James West Costume (Robert Conrad)

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The Wild Wild West ran for four seasons from 1965-1969, and featured the adventures of two Secret Service Agents working for President Ulysses S. Grant. The two men were James West (Robert Conrad), former Union soldier and current man-of-action, gunman, and womanizer. His partner was Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin), a former con man and master of disguise and invention. Together, the two fought various menaces aimed at the United States and President Grant, as well as investigating other Federal crimes.

This is one of the iconic costumes that Robert Conrad wore during the show as "James West". It consist of a blue corduroy jacket with leather lapels, and blue stretch pants. This particular style of jacket can be seen on the DVD covers and in quite a few of the episodes, as it is the most popular. There is some fading on the jacket from its age, but otherwise in great condition. This was acquired directly from Robert Conrad's daughter. Under the jacket lapel is a small pocket where lock picks or other small tools could be kept. The pants have a label with "Nov 68" printed on it.