Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV) / Enterprise with Runabout and Shuttle Pictures

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DS9 centers on the space station Deep Space 9 (original Cardassian designation Terok Nor), which is under the joint control of the United Federation of Planets and Bajor, a planet recently liberated from a long, brutal Cardassian occupation.

This framed set of two production pictures hung in the office of the Visual Effects Supervisor.  Only a few copies were made as gifts for the Visual Effects team.

The top photo shows a digital composite using physical models of the Enterprise D and its shuttle photographed on a motion control rig against a planet background.  The Enterprise D model was 4 feet in length and the shuttle was approximately 24 inches long.  The many challenges of motion control photography included all the matching repeat passes of the various elements needed for the composite such as "beauty" (the ship in its environmental light), window lights, warp drive, and deflector shield.  As the models were not in scale with each other, considerable match was required to scale the moves to each other.

The bottom photo shows physical models of the Deep Space Nine station and the Runabout photographed on a motion control rig with the computer generated Worm Hole in the background.