Star Trek: Enterprise (TV) / Concept Print with Hand Markings

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Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), captain of the Enterprise NX-01, leads a team of voyagers filled with enough drive and courage to power them through years of adventures in space. Along the way, the crew must battle menacing extraterrestrials in all forms.

Color print of conceptual rendering of an alien mining complex by John Eaves (STAR TREK, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) for STAR TREK ENTERPRISE episode #53, "Xindi", with hand written notes by 7-time Emmy winning Visual Effects Producer/Supervisor Dan Curry.  During the production of STAR TREK prints with notes like this were an important means of communication between the Producers, Art Department and Visual Effects Department.  This image ultimately became a digital matte painting with computer animated kinetic elements. Measures 17" x 11".