Predator / Dutch's Knife and Sheath (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Item Code: #14393

Status: SOLD

(20th Century Fox, 1987 and 2010) This metal knife and camouflage sheath were acquired by the production for use by Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Dutch" in the original 1987 Predator movie, as well as Adrien Brody as "Royce" in the 2010 movie, Predators. This is one of a few hero metal knives created for use during the filming of both movies. The knife and sheath were given to the Property Master of the first movie when filming was complete. He kept it in his possession since filming before 1987, then he was hired as the Property Master on Predators in 2010, and used the exact same knife and sheath during filming.

During the original Predator movie in 1987, some of the weapons moved around from character to character. This knife and sheath can be seen with Arnold Schwarzenegger's character "Dutch" in several promotional shots, and in some of those pictures is a different, more refined knife. However, the camouflage pattern on the sheath included here screen matches exactly with the one Arnold wears. In other scenes of the film, we can see Richard Chaves as "Poncho" using the knife to cut vines up in a tree, and later we also see Sonny Landham as "Billy" use this style knife to cut his chest.

Fast forward to 2010, and the new movie is called "Predators". In order to pay homage to the original, the Property Master uses the 23 year old knife and sheath from the first movie. In the new movie, the knife and sheath are used by Adrien Brody as "Royce" throughout the entire film. We have been able to exactly screen match the camouflage pattern on the sheath with the one on screen in the movie. Of course, wear from use and age is present on both the knife and sheath, it especially went through a lot of mud in the recent production.

For this particular piece, our ScreenUsed COA has also been signed by the Property Master for both the 1987 "Predator" and 2010 "Predators" movies.

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