Star Trek: The Motion Picture / Captain James T. Kirk's Starfleet Uniform (William Shatner)

Item Code: #14694

Status: SOLD

(Paramount, 1979) This Starfleet uniform was custom-made by Western Costume Company for use by William Shatner as "Captain James T. Kirk". The instantly recognizable uniform consists of a tunic, with Starfleet insignia patch, sleeve rank braid and "Bio Monitor" belt detail, and a pair of pants with attached boots. Both the tunic and pants feature original Western Costume Company labels with "William Shatner" typed on the information line, along with the reference number "2240-I", confirming the costumes use by William Shatner. Shatner wears similar style long-sleeve grey uniforms in the film, however this particular costume can be screen-matched to a sequence early in the film. The biggest tell is the Starfleet insignia patch, which has stitching and bordering that match exactly to high definition stills from the film. This is an incredible opportunity to own a screen used Star Trek: The Motion Picture Captain Kirk costume, that may be the finest example surviving today.

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