Click / Light-Up Remote Control (Adam Sandler)

Item Code: #14997

Status: SOLD

(Columbia Pictures, 2006) This "hero" light-up universal remote control was custom-made by the production for use by Adam Sandler as "Michael Newman". Detailed with fake buttons and a perfect "metal finish" paint job, this is the iconic prop from the film, and can be seen throughout the film from the time Michael receives it as a gift from Morty at Bed, Bath and Beyond to the very end of the film. This particular remote was fitted with an internal lighting system that is connected by wire that runs to a control box. This remote was used for close-up shots of the remote lighting up, simulating Michael pressing the various buttons, as the control box was operated by a stage hand. The large white display area lights up as well, but the graphics seen within that area was added in post production.