Elysium / Kruger's Exo-Hulc Suit & Samurai Sword

Item Code: #16484

Status: SOLD

(TriStar Pictures, 2013) This Exo-HULC suit and prop Samurai sword were custom-made by the production for use by Sharlto Copley as "Kruger". The Exo-HULC suit is a major accomplishment in specialty costume making, taking WETA New Zealand two years to design and complete. The costume consists of wardrobe (all marked 'Kruger') with additional exoskeleton made up of metal, plastic and rubber components. The costume comprises a black undershirt and shorts that zips together at the waist and has mounting points for the exoskeleton arms, legs, spine and chest, a silicone rubber 'Full-Wrap' chest plate, cloth covered plastic green abdomen guard plates with extending carabineer, a pair of screen matching camouflage pants with corresponding exoskeleton mounting holes, a pair of fingerless HULC gloves with machine knuckles and circuit detailing mounted to detailed plastic Exo-HULC communicator and weaponry gauntlets, a pair of SWAT boots with plastic armor HULC plates, nylon belt (marked 'Kruger Exo'), Exo-Suit back plate, lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae and working green LED light-up cerebral connection plate (head piece), hip and thigh connection plates, upper arm connection plates, wire harness and original battery for lighting the lumbar vertebrae and chest lights (only one chest light is connected) and 24 Hydraulic Dampers that expand and contract based on the actor's movements. The dampers are marked underneath their individual cover plates with the letters A through F. Several of these dampers can be screen matched to publicity photos and scenes from the movie. All of the back pistons identifying labels can be matched to an image in the 'Art of Elysium' book showing the suit being made.

The gauntlets are marked with a number and description and were worn in the scene where Kruger is stabbed by Max, rendering his weapons useless. There is an integral mounting point on one side for a knife. Also included is a box of video screens and electrical parts for the hero light-up gauntlets.

The sword is made of hard plastic with aluminum reinforcement within the top ridge of the blade. The sword features dragon engravings on the sides of the blade. The sword features a production made hole required for use on the Exo suit's sword carrier. The blade has been cut in half for use with the ablative vest costume worn by the same character earlier in the movie. A threaded screw is in place to re-connect the blade. Wear from use is present, measures 34" in length. Two prop knifes, one made of rubber for stunt work and one with a cut-off blade and green screen tape for use with effects shots with sheaths and a pair of three-piece shin guards from Max's surgery HULC suit are included with the costume. Also included with the costume are two boxes of various spare parts, screws, bolts, connectors, etc.