Back To The Future 2 / Marty's Future Nike

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When Doc and Marty arrive in the year 2015, Doc asks Marty to put on clothes similar to Marty Jr. The first thing he puts on is the self lacing future Nikes. These shoes were originally created for a scene that was never filmed. It was first planned that Marty would take part in a non-gravitational game similar to racquetball. Because of this, some of the shoes were created with several lights mounted in the shoe so that it would assist in the illusion of hovering over the game floor. When it was deemed too expensive a scene, the light up shoes still got a small part when Marty initially puts them on along with when Marty walks in the dark. During the movie, when the laces are tightened, the Nike logo on the front lights up blue (as you can see in the picture). You get a chance to see all of the lighting on the side of the shoes on screen when Marty is walking on the sidewalk by the DeLorean in the dark.

It is believed that this may be one of only a couple of surviving light up shoes. This is the only known shoe to exist that has been wired to a control box to light again as it was on screen, except for one at Nike headquarters. Most of the remaining shoes were not created with the lighting capability.

In one of the pictures, you can see how the crew used a drill to screw down the shoes to the hoverboard for the flying scenes. This shoe still has the two screws in it from when it was screwed to a Mattel hoverboard. On display with this shoe is a pair of the fire proof socks that Michael J. Fox wore for safety when using the lighted shoes.