Back To The Future 2 / Hoverboard - Pit Bull (Thomas F. Wilson)

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Probably the most recognized props from Back to the Future 2 are the hoverboards. There are five styles of hoverboards seen on screen during the filming - Mattel, Pit Bull, Rising Sun, No Tech, and Question Mark.

This hoverboard is the one that Griff (Thomas Wilson) uses to pull his three gang members over the water in the town square. It is by far the rarest of the hoverboards to obtain. It is also the largest and heaviest when made of wood. One of the toughest details to find on a Pit Bull is the thrusters - the two small engines under the back. Like the footpads, there was a limited number of these created, so they were moved from board to board as the Pit Bull was replaced due to damage.

There were several of each hoverboard created from either wood or styrofoam, depending on if the actors were carrying it, flying, or doing a stunt. This particular board is made of wood and has two holes in it, at two diagonal positions. Those holes were used to mount the metal cables that hung from the cranes.

This is the coolest of all the hoverboards, and can be the centerpiece of a Back to the Future collection.