Back To The Future 2 / No Tech Hoverboard (Ricky Dean Logan)

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(Universal, 1989) Probably the most recognized props from Back to the Future 2 are the hoverboards. There are five styles of hoverboards seen on screen during the filming - Mattel, Pit Bull, Rising Sun, No Tech, and Question Mark.

This is the No Tech Knowhow hoverboard, used by Data (Ricky Dean Logan) as one of Griff's gang. There were several of each hoverboard created from either wood or styrofoam, depending on if the actors were carrying it, flying, or doing a stunt. This particular board is made of wood and features applied detailing and Velcro graphics. The hoverboard also features a ball bearing swivel foot-pad with red strap and has two holes drilled for use with the crane assisted hovering scenes.