Fantastic Voyage / Surgical Laser Gun

Item Code: #19507

Status: SOLD

(20th Century Fox, 1966) Fantastic Voyage, a 1960's classic science fiction film that broke ground with brilliant special effects and won Academy Awards for "Best Art Direction" and "Best Special Effects". This incredible prop "Surgical Laser Gun" was custom-made by the production for use by various actors including Raquel Welch as "Cora" and showcases the amazing creative talents of the film makers. The laser features the classic 60's science fiction style that dazzled and inspired moviegoers of the time and still retains that futuristic design. The "Surgical Laser Gun" is constructed of metal, glass and resin and measures 52.5" long x 15.75" tall x 5" wide. The laser is presented on a special custom base for display that features attachments to resemble the prop's storage base in the film and the laser's sight was created to complete the look for display. The base measures 35" long x 12" wide. This is a true one of a kind original screen used artifact from one of the most popular science fiction films of the 1960's. 

The entire main gun is original, except for one black rectangular door on top with a small orange button. In one of the pictures it is easy to see the replaced parts are slightly different in color and age. The base, barrel extension, and other parts on the base were all replicated for display purposes.

This piece was also used after Fantastic Voyage in the Lost In Space (TV) episode titled "Deadliest of the Species", which originally aired on November 22, 1967. The gun was incorporated into a "disintegrator" laser device built by the Robinsons to destroy an evil robot. From what we can tell, the front part of the gun may have been removed for this use, then reinstalled. Click here to see some screen captures from the episode.