Blade Runner / Blade Runner Blaster

Item Code: #2106

Status: SOLD

(Warner Bros. Pictures, 1982) During the production of Blade Runner there was only one hero metal blaster created for use by Harrison Ford as "Rick Deckard". However, several rubber stunt blasters were made from a mold of the hero blaster. The stunt blasters were used in at least the following scenes, potentially more:

  • When Leon and Deckard are fighting in the street, Deckard pulls his blaster out and Leon slaps it away and the blaster hits the ground. This would have absolutely been a rubber stunt blaster in order to not hurt the actors' hands as well as the when the blaster hit the street.
  • In the scenes of the movie when Deckard is hunting for Roy Batty in Sebastian's apartment. In a close up shot of Deckard walking along a wall holding the blaster, Batty reached through the wall and grabs Deckard's hand with the blaster. A freeze frame on the DVD shows the molding seam along the top of the rubber stunt blaster. Again, a rubber blaster would have been used here for the safety of the actors.
  • The last time we see the gun is when Deckard and Batty are fighting in Sebastian's apartment and he drops the gun on the floor - this would have also been a rubber blaster. Then when the camera goes in for a close up shot, the hero metal blaster would have been used.

In addition to Deckard using this style blaster, there are production images that show Holden had a similar style, as well as some of the police officers. Most police officers were believed to have completely black colored blasters, however one picture in particular shows a police officer with what looks like a brown colored handle.

This particular blaster that is available was custom made by the production for use by Harrison Ford as "Deckard" and/or other actors as police officers. Unique to this piece are the hand painted features:

  • The grip is painted a brown color, with an almost wood-grain look to it. Under certain lighting, it looks like the amber grips on Deckard's hero blaster.
  • The butt plate and center of the grips is painted silver, similar to Deckard's hero blaster. The picture of a police officer with a brown handled blaster has a black butt plate.
  • There are small remnants of lime green paint on both ends of the faux sight on the side of the blaster. This was something we noticed when first acquiring the blaster several years ago, before the public saw the hero blaster showing two green LEDs in those locations.
  • The whole blaster has a gloss look to it, and there is very slight cracking in that clear coat surface when looking closely. We believe this was done to make the rubber blaster look shiny, similar to the hero metal blaster.

When comparing this particular stunt blaster to two others that have been available for sale in the past, this one is a very clean example. The rubber itself is in perfect condition, and it must have been created very early in the process because the detail of the emblems by the serial number on the barrel are extremely clean.