Fight Club / Tyler Durden's Red Jacket & Pants

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FIGHT CLUB is narrated by a lonely, unfulfilled young man (Edward Norton) who finds his only comfort in feigning terminal illness and attending disease support groups. Hopping from group to group, he encounters another pretender, or "tourist," the morose Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), who immediately gets under his skin. However, while returning from a business trip, he meets a more intriguing character--the subversive Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). They become fast friends, bonding over a mutual disgust for corporate consumer-culture hypocrisy. Eventually, the two start Fight Club, which convenes in a bar basement where angry men get to vent their frustrations in brutal, bare-knuckle bouts. Fight Club soon becomes the men's only real priority; when the club starts a cross-country expansion, things start getting really crazy.

This is the red leather jacket and dark blue pants that Brad Pitt wears as "Tyler Durden". He is wearing these together in the infamous first fight scene outside the bar. He then wears it later with a different pair of pants. The jacket is in great screen used condition with several marks on it and a broken button. We understand that this jacket and pants are the only ones personally selected by Brad Pitt and the Costume Designer (Michael Kaplan) from a vintage 70's clothing store - so there were no duplicates. The red jacket was replicated for other scenes, but this is the original. Along with our ScreenUsed COA, it comes with a signed COA from 20th Century Fox Archives (one for the coat and one for the pants).