Sleepy Hollow / Headless Horseman's Hero Costume

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In Tim Burton's stylish, creepy retelling of the classic Washington Irving story, SLEEPY HOLLOW, Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is a squeamish, bookish 18th century New York City investigator sent to a small town in lower Westchester county to look into three mysterious decapitations. When the always rational Crane arrives at the little Dutch village, he finds that most of the townsfolk believe the culprit to be the Headless Horseman, the ghost of a monstrous Hessian soldier (Christopher Walken), who seems to be mysteriously tied in to one of the town's most prominent families.

This is the complete hero costume worn in the beginning of the movie by Christopher Walken as "The Hessian Horseman" (Headless Horseman).

  • Upper Garment - This is a very intricately designed top with lots of detail and distressing to make it look worn. It zips in the back, and has extra padding inside in areas to make it look more muscular. This piece has the residue left where a label was placed that matches the labels in the pants and boots.
  • Pants - These pants have some distressing to them in order to make them look worn. There are some buttons and hooks which may have been used with braces or suspenders. The label inside states "CHRIS W HESSIAN #1".
  • Belt - The belt, complete with buckle, is distressed and scratched up from screen use.
  • Gloves - Both gloves were made for Christopher Walken and have his name typed onto the label on the inside of both.
  • Sword Scabbard - The sword scabbard is the only stunt piece to this ensemble. It was used by Ray Park in the stunt scenes later in the movie. It is made of a soft leather and bends easily without a sword inserted.
  • Cape - The cape is the hero cape used at the beginning of the movie by Christopher Walken. Compared to capes from the end of the movie, it is not at distressed, though it does have some rough edges around the bottom. The inside red lining is more vibrant for the beginning of the movie as opposed to later scenes.
  • Boots - Both boots have been distressed with a wax like coating to look well used. Each has a small label inside with "CHRIS-W" written on them. All buckles are intact.
  • Spurs - Probably the rarest pieces of this costume are the original spurs used by Christopher Walken on his boots. These are made of metal with a rubber spur, along with a leather strap with metal buckle. When the camera pans to a close up of him walking away, you can see the spurs bend if you go frame by frame, so they may have never even made a set of metal spurs.