Wild Wild West, The (TV) / James West Costume (Robert Conrad)

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Status: SOLD

The Wild Wild West ran for four seasons from 1965-1969, and featured the adventures of two Secret Service Agents working for President Ulysses S. Grant. The two men were James West (Robert Conrad), former Union soldier and current man-of-action, gunman, and womanizer. His partner was Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin), a former con man and master of disguise and invention. Together, the two fought various menaces aimed at the United States and President Grant, as well as investigating other Federal crimes. This is one of the costumes that Robert Conrad wore during the show as "James West". It is complete and contains the following items:
  • Jacket - This blue jacket is custom made for Robert Conrad with several very unique features. First, the right sleeve has a split going about halfway up, with hooks, a snap, and a strip of additional cloth sewn in. This was customized in order for Jim West to have his spring loaded pistol that would pop out of his sleeve and into his hand. Second, inside the back of the jacket is a cloth holder for a knife. Lastly, there is a small cloth holder under the lapel used for his lock pick. The jacket is in good condition for it's age but has some discoloration on the shoulders and sleeves as shown. This is not very visible when viewing from the front on a mannequin. The Western Costume tag on the inside of a pocket is labeled "Bob Conrad". It also has an American Costume stamp inside one sleeve.
  • Pants - This is a pair of custom made pants to match the jacket, with adjustable elastic stirrups on the bottom so they would fit appropriately. The Western Costume tag inside the pants states "Bob Conrad". It also has an American Costume stamp in the waistband.
  • Vest - The multi colored blue vest is in great condition with 6 brass colored buttons. The Western Costume label on the vest states "Bob Conrad". It also has an American Costume stamp under the lapel area.
  • Shirt - The light blue shirt has several stains on it and wear from production use. It has an American Costume stamp on the tail along with some writing on the bottom in black felt pen.
  • Ascot - This navy blue western tie with faint pink highlights is in good condition with an adjustable elastic strap for around the neck. We are not 100% sure of the ascot's use in the shows, but it was acquired from the studio with the outfit.
We did not view all of the episodes over the 4 year span of the show, however we have captured several episodes showing the jacket and pants with various shirts, vests, and ascots. James West would wear a different outfit for each show, so several of the pieces were combined differently.