Viva Knievel! / Evel Knievel Leathers

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Daredevil Evel Knievel stars as himself in this cult-classic 1970's adventure. Everything's warm and wonderful when the motorcycle king visits the orphanage, but danger awaits when he heads to Mexico to perform a death-defying stunt. An evil drug lord (Leslie Nielsen) plans to have Knievel killed and use his coffin to smuggle cocaine across the U.S. border. Evel stars as himself in the action film, during the height of his international fame.

This leather jumpsuit was custom made for filming and worn by Evel Knievel's stunt man Gary Davis (yes even dare devil legend Evel Knievel was required to have a stunt man during filming to protect him from harm until filming was complete) and can be seen early in the film during Evel's death-defying jump and crash. Although not worn by Evel on-screen, it is a 100% authentic Evel Knievel costume, down to the type & quality of leather, custom tailoring and extensive detail. And used on set, in the presence of Evel.

The leathers have the iconic Evel Knievel styling of sewn stars over red, white and blue accent stripes and is complete with the memorable "EK" belt buckle, "EK" patches on the cuffs and the "Harley-Davidson" patch on the left shoulder. "Gary" is written on both sides of the inside section of the zipper, for Gary Charles Davis, credited on the film. This is a very recognizable museum quality costume connected to the motorcycle legend, one of the most popular icons of the 20th century.

Acquired directly from the estate of the credited costume designer on the film, Paul Zastupnevich.