Teen Wolf Auction - Season 6 and Set Dressing

Start: Sunday October 01, 2017 at 22:00 PM PST

End: Saturday October 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST

Lots: 350

Teen Wolf Auction - Season 6 and Set Dressing Cover Image

Teen Wolf Auction (Season 6 and set dressing)

In association with MTV and Viacom International Inc., ScreenUsed presents the second of two auctions. You can own the actual props, wardrobe, or set dressing used by your favorite actors in the show!

There are over 700 items in the auction from 6 seasons of the show - two online auctions will be held as follows:

- Seasons 1-5 items: auction starts Sep 17th at 10am Pacific Time and ends Sep 30th at 10am Pacific Time

- Season 6 items and set dressing: auction starts Oct 1st at 10pm Pacific Time and ends Oct 14th at 10am Pacific Time

Throughout the weeks leading up to the auctions, we will preview items daily on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to follow us.

Register to bid by logging in and clicking the Register button above. To view the lots online, click the View Lots button above.

Every lot has an opening bid of $5, and we do not have reserve pricing, so the highest bidder wins. This is a timed auction, each lot will automatically end 1 minute apart. The auction will not allow sniping at the last second, so everyone has a fair chance to bid what they feel comfortable with. If an item receives a bid within the last 3 minutes, the end time will automatically be extended another 3 minutes. Each item displays the exact time it is scheduled to end.

Please be aware that productions have duplicates of most wardrobe and props. It is very rare to have only one of a certain item. As filming takes place, a prop can be broken, or a piece of wardrobe could become ripped, wet, or stained. The production can't shut down for the day, so they use the additional props and wardrobe for those purposes. Also, sometimes there are separate sets of wardrobe for stunt actors. We have documented all items based on the information provided in production books as well as costume tags on most of the wardrobe. If costume tags exist, they will be supplied with the wardrobe being sold. As well, many items were used over and over throughout many episodes. We also sometimes see slightly different sizes on wardrobe and shoes from what was initially on the costume tag, this is because a size may have been more comfortable or fit better. And lastly, sometimes even though there is a costume or prop acquired for a certain scene, it may not have been used, or used in a completely different episode.

We will gladly hold your orders and combine them to save on shipping costs. If you get some cool items in the first auction, and you want to hold the order until you have more items to ship from the second auction, no problem, just let us know. We do need to receive payment on the order to place it on hold.

If you need information about how our auction process works, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab at the top of the website. There are topics that cover the auction, payments, shipping, etc.

Auction Updates

  • October 11, 2017 - Added 54 lots (Lot # - Item Code # - Description)
    • 297 - 65127 - Allison Argent's Arrowhead (Crystal Reed)
    • 298 - 65126 - Allison Argent's Bloody Arrowhead (Crystal Reed)
    • 299 - 65210 - Chris Argent's Watch (JR Bourne)
    • 300 - 65398 - Danny's Nike Lacrosse Jersey (Keanu Kahuanui)
    • 301 - 65169 - Dread Doctor Tools and Tray
    • 302 - 65563 - Hayden's Purse/Backpack (Victoria Moroles)
    • 303 - 65408 - Isaac's Adidas Lacrosse Practice Penny (Daniel Sharman)
    • 304 - 65093 - Kira's Lacrosse Stick 3 (Arden Cho)
    • 305 - 65118 - Kira's Sword Belt 1 (Arden Cho)
    • 306 - 65407 - Liam's Nike Lacrosse Practice Penny (Dylan Sprayberry)
    • 307 - 65470 - Lydia's Coat (Holland Roden)
    • 308 - 65009 - S1-E01 Scott's Pull Up Bar (Tyler Posey)
    • 309 - 64837 - S1-E10 Lydia's Formal Dress (Holland Roden)
    • 310 - 65341 - Vial of Mountain Ash
    • 311 - 65353 - S3 Oni Costume
    • 312 - 65217 - S3-E01 Deucalion's Folding Cane (Gideon Emery)
    • 313 - 65155 - S3-E03 Chris Argent's Stunt Sonic Emitter (JR Bourne)
    • 314 - 65157 - S3-E03 Chris Argent's Stunt Sonic Emitter (JR Bourne)
    • 315 - 65340 - S3-E12 Kali's Distressed Outfit (Felisha Terrell)
    • 316 - 65295 - S3-E16 Kira's Outfit (Arden Cho)
    • 317 - 64987 - S3-E22 Lydia's Bloody Formal Dress (Holland Roden)
    • 318 - 65193 - S4-E05 Violet's Thermocut Wire Necklace (Samantha Logan)
    • 319 - 65205 - S4-E09 Lydia's Wallet (Holland Roden)
    • 320 - 65281 - S4-E11 Malia's Hat (Shelley Hennig)
    • 321 - 64920 - S4-E11 Stiles' Outfit (Dylan O'Brien)
    • 322 - 65067 - S5 Mason's Backpack (Khylin Rhambo)
    • 323 - 65385 - S5-E01 Dread Doctor - The Pathologist's Outfit (Douglas Tait)
    • 324 - 65380 - S5-E01 Dread Doctor - The Surgeon's Outfit (Marti Matulis)
    • 325 - 65547 - S5-E02 Deputy Jordan Parrish's Shirt (Ryan Kelley)
    • 326 - 64870 - S5-E02 Scott's Shirt (Tyler Posey)
    • 327 - 65485 - S5-E04 Theo's Shirt (Cody Christian)
    • 328 - 65296 - S5-E06 Kira's Backpack (Arden Cho)
    • 329 - 65122 - S5-E06 The Dread Doctors Book Copy
    • 330 - 65533 - S5-E07 Mason's Shirt and Earrings (Khylin Rhambo)
    • 331 - 65306 - S5-E08 Kira's Jacket, Shirt and Ring (Arden Cho)
    • 332 - 65344 - S5-E12 Braeden's Vest and Shirts (Meagan Tandy)
    • 333 - 65503 - S5-E12 Hayden's Jacket and Tank Top (Victoria Moroles)
    • 334 - 65059 - S5-E12 Scott's Crime Board
    • 335 - 64961 - S5-E12 Stiles' Shirt (Dylan O'Brien)
    • 336 - 65331 - S5-E13 Skinwalker Black Night's Outfit (Tonantzin Carmelo)
    • 337 - 65329 - S5-E13 Skinwalker Dark Spirit's Outfit (Tiffany Phillips)
    • 338 - 65330 - S5-E13 Skinwalker Red Sky's Outfit (Emily Alabi)
    • 339 - 65120 - S5-E14 Hell Hound Reference Book (Michael Hogan)
    • 340 - 65418 - S5-E14 Theo's Jacket and Shirt (Cody Christian)
    • 341 - 64845 - S5-E16 Scott's Outfit (Tyler Posey)
    • 342 - 65328 - S5-E18 Josh's Jacket and Shirt (Henry Zaga)
    • 343 - 65364 - S5-E18 Marie-Jeanne Valet's Outfit (Crystal Reed)
    • 344 - 65365 - S5-E18 Marie-Jeanne Valet's Outfit (Crystal Reed)
    • 345 - 65077 - S5-E18 Marie-Jeanne Valet's Wet Stone (Crystal Reed)
    • 346 - 65072 - S5-E18 Sebastien's Bag
    • 347 - 65078 - S5-E18 Sebastien's Books
    • 348 - 64883 - Scott's Adidas Lacrosse Practice Penny (Tyler Posey)
    • 349 - 65068 - Scott's Backpack (Tyler Posey)
    • 350 - 64884 - Scott's Lacrosse Jersey (unused)
  • Oct 1, 2017 - Lot 226. S6-E18 Stiles' Outfit (Dylan O'Brien) - title and description changed:
    • ORIGINAL TITLE: S6-E18 Stiles' Outfit (Dylan O'Brien)
    • UPDATED TITLE: S6-E18 Liam's Outfit (Dylan Sprayberry)
    • ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: for use by Dylan O'Brien as "Stiles Stilinski"
    • UPDATED DESCRIPTION: for use by Dylan Sprayberry as "Liam Dunbar"

Auction Terms and Conditions

Bidder and ScreenUsed agree that any agreements between the Bidder and ScreenUsed including but not limited to these Conditions of Sale are entered into in Los Angeles County, California, which is where the agreements are to be performed and the auction to take place, no matter where Bidder is situated and no matter by what means or where Bidder was informed of the auction and regardless of whether catalogs, materials, or other communications were received by Bidder in another location. Both ScreenUsed and the Bidder agree that any disputes under these Conditions of Sale, the subject matter hereof, the entering into, or any aspect of the auction, shall be exclusively governed by California law, and that any and all claims or actions shall be brought and maintained only in Los Angeles County, California in a State or Federal Court to the exclusion of any other venue, locale or jurisdiction. All parties submit to such jurisdiction.

  1. Opening Bid Prices: Our ScreenUsed auctions do not use estimate pricing, only a starting minimum bid price. Opening bids do not include the buyer’s premium, shipping, or sales tax.
  2. Reserves: Our ScreenUsed auctions do not use reserves, so the opening price is where bidding starts, and the highest bidder will win the item.
  3. Buyer’s Premium and Sales Tax: The actual purchase price will be the sum of the final bid price plus the buyer’s premium of 20% of the hammer price. California sales tax shall automatically be added to the purchase price for CA residents, unless exempted.
  4. Before the Auction: Bidders are encouraged to send inquiries pertaining to the auction as a whole and/or individual lots. You may also request condition reports. ScreenUsed strongly urges the bidder to resolve any questions PRIOR TO BIDDING.
  5. Bids Are Binding: Before placing a bid ensure that you have read the item description, viewed all pictures of the item, and asked any questions ahead of bidding. Every bid is binding and should only be placed if you plan to purchase the item. ScreenUsed will not remove any bids, thus if you are the winning bidder at the end of the auction you must pay for the item.
  6. Bidding: Property is auctioned in consecutive numerical order, as it appears in the catalog. ScreenUsed shall determine all opening bids and bidding increments. The auctioneer will accept bids from those present in the salesroom or absentee bidders participating by telephone, Internet or by written bid left with ScreenUsed in advance of the auction. The auctioneer has the right in its absolute discretion to reject any bid in the event of dispute between bidders or if the auctioneer has doubt as to the validity of any bid, to advance the bidding at its absolute discretion and to determine the successful bidder in the event of a dispute between bidders, to continue the bidding or to reoffer and resell the lot in question. In the event of a dispute after the sale, ScreenUsed’s record of final sale shall be conclusive.
  7. Internet Bids: ScreenUsed is not and cannot be responsible or liable for any problems, delays, or any other issues or problems resulting out of use of the Internet generally or specifically, including but not limited to transmission, execution or processing of bids. On some occasions beyond the control of ScreenUsed, bid software or the Internet itself may not physically keep up with the pace of the auction. In order to help avoid disappointment, ScreenUsed recommends placing a realistic absentee bid early.
  8. Successful Bids: The proverbial fall of the auctioneer’s hammer indicates the final bid. ScreenUsed will record the paddle number of the buyer. Winning bidders shall be notified with an invoice within 24 hours after the conclusion of the auction.
  9. Certificate of Authenticity: For each lot, ScreenUsed will supply a documented certificate with the official ScreenUsed stamp and logo. This certificate has an original signature from one of the ScreenUsed owners. COAs are not supplied with promotional items such as crew shirts, crew hats, crew gifts, or other items not used in the production itself.
  10. Payment: Payment is expected in full within 7 calendar days of the sale. All payments will be handled online through the ScreenUsed secure website via credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer. Payment plans are available, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the website. You are responsible for any expenses that ScreenUsed may incur in enforcing our payment terms, including reasonable attorney’s fees if we prevail in a court action, or collection costs if we use the services of a collection agency.
  11. Shipping: After payment has been made in full, ScreenUsed will personally pack your items and will insure and ship at your expense. Buyers will only be charged exact shipping costs - no additional packing or handling fees. Any customs fees, duties or taxes outside of the United States will be the sole responsibility of the buyer and will not be included in the invoice.
  12. Buyer’s Remedies: As these are rare collector pieces, all sales are final. In the unfortunate event that there is a problem with the condition of a piece when it is delivered, we will work with you to make sure you are happy.