We offer a consignment service for pieces where we are 100% sure about their authentication. We need to understand the history behind each piece and how it was acquired. If you would like to consign your items, we have two options - selling in our Timed auctions or our scheduled Live auctions. For both options, we need to agree on a starting bid price for each item. The items will need to be sent to our ScreenUsed office in Los Angeles, California so that we can take several photographs, write descriptions, then get your approval for listing in an auction.

Timed Auctions

Our Timed auctions are held continuously on the website - usually running for a week, with some larger Timed auctions running for 2-3 weeks. These auctions end on a certain day and time, with each lot in the auction ending 1 minute apart. The auction will not allow sniping at the last second, so everyone has a fair chance to bid what they feel comfortable with. If an item receives a bid within the last 3 minutes, the end time will automatically be extended another 3 minutes. Each item displays the exact time it is scheduled to end.

Live Auctions

Our Live auctions are scheduled ahead of time at certain times of the year - check our Auction tab for Future Auctions. These auction lots are listed on the website for pre-bidding 3 weeks prior to the Live auction. This is similar to bidding in person on an auction floor, and in some cases we do hold these in person at an event such as Silicon Valley Comic Con. Once the auction is online, bidders are able to place bids on any of the items. Completion of each lot will start at a scheduled time on the final day of the auction, and the process runs manually. During this time online bidders (and sometimes in person bidders) are again able to participate in the live bidding concurrently through the ScreenUsed live bidding web interface. As each lot has its last call and once there are no more bidders, the auctioneer will drop the hammer and close the lot, moving to the next lot. The auction continues this way until all lots are closed.

When Are Consignments Due

Once we agree on a list of items you would like to consign, you will ship the items to our Los Angeles, California warehouse, then we can have them ready for your approval and scheduled for one of our Timed auctions shortly thereafter. For our scheduled Live auctions, we need to receive all consignment items at least 10 weeks ahead of the auction date. Keep in mind the items are up for pre-bidding 3 weeks before the auction, and we need time to prepare everything for our Live auction catalog.

Our Services

In addition to selling your items, each piece has a ScreenUsed COA, which puts our name on the piece in case there is any problem in the future. Note that we do not supply COAs for crew items. Most importantly, unless approved by you, we do not discuss our sources with anyone. We currently have over 6,500 active customers, all receiving a periodic newsletter with new items. We also have a subscription service that allows a customer to get instant notifications through email and text messages when an item they are looking for is posted on the website.

ScreenUsed takes care of all credit card, PayPal, and wire transfer fees, as well as handling any customer payment plans. Below are the various installment options based on the total value of the order:

  • Under $750 - 50% non-refundable deposit and a payment in 1 month
  • $750 and higher - 25% non-refundable deposit and 3 monthly payments
  • $3000 and higher - 25% non-refundable deposit and 6 monthly payments
  • $5000 and higher - 25% non-refundable deposit and 9 monthly payments

  • For our consignors, you have secure access to your inventory online. You can view and print the following live reports:

  • Inventory shipped and received by ScreenUsed
  • Items ready for consignor approval
  • Items listed on the website in our auctions
  • Items listed on the website for sale at a fixed price
  • Items sold with a running total and up to the second balance due
  • Items returned to the consignor

  • When ready for payment, ScreenUsed covers all bank fees to send your funds to you via PayPal, check within the US, or wire transfer for larger balances.


    ScreenUsed retains 15% of the hammer price (the winning bid price not including any buyer's premium) and will send 85% of the hammer price to the consignor. We do allow payment plans if the customers requests, with installment options for 1, 3, 6, and 9 months as shown above. As a consignor, you will be paid immediately after we receive payment(s). If a buyer does not request a payment plan, and they pay for their full order within the required 7 days, we will send funds to you within a few days after the payment clears our account. If items go unsold within our auctions, we can list the item on our website at a fixed price for an extended period of time. For fixed price website listings, the ScreenUsed commission is 20%.

    If you would like to move ahead with the consignment process, please email a list of items, the history/paperwork/authentication for each, a quick picture of each item, and the starting bid price you have in mind. From there we can discuss with you the possibility of assisting you in our consignment process.