Back To The Future / Doc's Mind Reading Helmet (Christopher Lloyd)

Item Code: #19506

Status: SOLD

(Universal Pictures, 1985) Every once in a while an artifact comes to auction that stands above the rest. A piece so iconic to the film and actor that it becomes ingrained as a pop culture icon. This helmet is one of those artifacts. As we all know, very few of Doc Brown's inventions ever worked as intended including the "Mind Reading Helmet", but that is part of the charm of Doc Brown's character. The mind reading helmet was part of our first look at the 1955 Doc Brown, a young scientist, still full of ideas and ambition. Film makers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale created this masterpiece titled "Back to the Future" and Doc wearing this prop helmet was a big part of the advertising campaign, as it provided a unique "iconic" element to the imagery. 

This incredible prop helmet was custom-made by the production for use by Christopher Lloyd as "Dr. Emmett Brown". The helmet is constructed of aluminum, glass, wood, wires and light bulbs and has had light restoration due to age and storage distressing. The helmet measures 21.5" x 18.25" x 11.25" and is a one of a kind historical film artifact that needs no introduction. In addition, because it is one of a kind, there are many unique marks all over the piece that can be matched exactly on screen, cementing the authenticity of this piece beyond doubt. This prop helmet is the single most important prop we have seen come to auction from the first Back to the Future film and a once in a lifetime opportunity for collectors.

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